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Combining new ages techniques with ancient and timeless practices we bring you a protocol designed to clear blockages in your life, balance your energy, enhance your well being and align yourself with your new healthier life. Designed to invite greater awareness into your system we guide you through a series of activities that gently uproot old patterns and behaviours by releasing physical tension and allowing a newfound sense of vitality to spread through you. Thereby enabling the discovery of a better you.

Along with this we provide practical advice that you can take home and implement into your life right away, simple and effective ways to assist you in feeling a deeper connection to yourself and the outside world.

Our immersions cultivate a balanced approach and help you understand which areas in your life need more attention and focus to bring yourself into a more balanced state. 


We invite you into this container of growth. 

Our Sunday sessions include: 

🔷Guided Meditation
🔷Sound Healing 

Can't wait to see you already,

Much love,

Alon and Jonty