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Online Guided
Meditation and Breathwork

Learn different breathing techniques to promote your emotional wellbeing, enhance vitality, improve your mental health and connect you to pure consciousness. Start your day (or evening) with a 30-minute online guided mediation and breath-work from Alon Therapy for just $5.25.

Wednesday 4th of Aug, 6:00 PM


"...I'm getting better and better..."

We will begin our session with a brief introduction to guided meditation and breathwork. I will teach you the fundamentals of different breathing techniques, the importance of mindfulness and body awareness. We will then proceed with a beginner-level breathwork session followed by a guided meditation to help you feel more connected to your body. Our goal is to create space, clarity and inner peace within our minds. 


Connect to your breath

In this 30-minute online event, you’ll discover that breath does more than just give and sustain life — it determines the quality of life we lead based on how we choose to breathe. Alon will show you how to develop a relationship with your breath so you recognize what triggers incorrect breathing patterns — and know how to correct them.

Woman Artist

Bracha S.

Alon's Breathwork sessions help me to connect to my mind and body with a unique approach to the physical and mental health.


woman 4

Ellie T.

Straight after the first session, I felt a shift in my mental health. I was happier, more focused and had more clarity.

Couldn't recommend less. 

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Online Guided Meditation and Breathwork Session

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